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I'm Amanda

I'm a longtime creative writer with a desire to learn as much as I can. As a passionate storyteller, I thrive on creating an emotional connection with my readers so that I can make an impact.

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Tools & Systems

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These are the tools and systems I have experience with.

Social Media

Amanda is the Social Media Manager for Cake Designers, a small, woman-owned wedding cake business. Click on a post to see more.

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Testimonial + Case Study

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Patty Ames

Owner of Cake Designers:

I was so blessed to have Amanda Towner come into my life. She has been such a blessing in my business.

Cake Designers’ social media presence has soared. She has such an elegant way with words that it makes you look forward to the next postings. I've had people contact me and say they love my posts. I tell them I give Amanda the information and she creates a beautiful story about my couples and their wedding cakes.

I'm the wedding cake designer bringing my brides’ dreamcakes to life, and Amanda is the creative social media designer for my business. Amanda has become

a great friend over the last one and a half years.

Amanda would be a great asset to your business!

After 3 months of working with me, I was able to increase Cake Designers' metrics for Facebook by:













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Fitness Blog

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Sleepless or insomnia person lying in bed

There will be a day when you are completely over the workouts and the “healthy” eating. We guarantee you will slip up. Here’s why failing is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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Grandma making cookies

Grandma said what?! After losing 30 pounds, NASM Certified Personal Trainer Amanda Towner shares her most shocking discoveries. Find out what you should expect from your friends and family after your weight loss journey.

Runner Tying Up Their Shoelace

Trying something new is always messy and overwhelming. NASM Certified Personal Trainer Amanda Towner shares the only three things you need to focus on when starting a fitness journey. And one of them won't cost you a dime.

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Product Copy

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We have some pretty unique flavors here, and this box has got nostalgia written all over it! This box includes:

1) Pizza (yes~! Imagine buttery crust, oregano, a hint of cheese --- but hold the pepperoni, our founder is a pescatarian!)

2) Fruit Loopy (think of that colorful cereal with the tropical bird on the box...YUM!)

3) PB&J (Peanut Butter & Jelly) Sounds like a strange combo for lips, but it is our Founder's absolute favorite.

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The only lip balm you will ever need...and we mean it. When our founder Amanda started making these lip balms in her college dorm 7 years ago, she needed something that truly worked. Living in Florida, her lips would often dry out and crack, causing a deep tear in her bottom lip. While plenty of chapsticks offered to moisturize, none helped aid in healing her lips. The cut would continue to persist, being extremely painful and holding her back from laughing or smiling.

That's where the power of Calendula Oil came in.

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